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Playing the guitar has been one of my oldest passions. Of course, it was all about the Beatles. Our neighbour in Tbilisi, Saburtalo District, 3rd block, house 19, the talented singer Alexander (Sasha) Medvedsky, tough me how to tune a six string guitar, and also taught me two chords (Am and E). That was the only coaching I received, but by that time (1967) I already had knowledge of music theory, so I taught myself other chords and gradually developed my own style of playing guitar, playing melodies and the accompanying harmonies simultaneously.

Teaching guitar to children was in fact my first official job. During 1976-79 I was teaching the well known Georgian children’s ensemble Saplings” (“nergebi”). I later went on to teach guitar in Australia, both as a private practice and at Mercy College in Coburg. One of my private students, Ben Chandler, became a professional bass player and a certified sound engineer, and another student from Mercy college, Rose Gonzalez, became a professional guitar player. She is currently doing her PhD in Performance at Melbourne University.  

Here you can see YouTube videos of my guitar arrangements, filmed with the help of Harry Williamson, British musician, songwriter, inventor, and sound engineer (very interesting person indeed, check his page on the Wikipedia)

  • Rio. This is my own composition, dedicated to the city I love.
  • Tootsie Theme music from the wonderful movie.

And of course, several Beatles songs:

"Rio" Composed and performed by Joseph Jordania
Tootsie (Film Music)
"Here Comes the Sun" The Beatles
"Yesterday" The Beatles
"And I Love Her" The Beatles
"Michelle" The Beatles
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