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Sexual selection or Natural selection?

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During my research I came to the conclusion that the importance of sexual selection in evolutionary literature is grossly overrated. In many cases, I believe we need to instead be talking about the aposematic strategy of survival from predators and avoiding lethal aggression from conflicting animals with the same warning display.  
The mechanisms of aposematic display and the mechanisms of sexual selection are virtually identical, as both are based on the use of body size, use of colours and strange morphological additions to the body, audio signals, the use of smells, and display of fearless and sometimes strange behaviours. Mainstream contemporary evolutionary scholarship is heavily inclined towards explaining any such elements of morphology and behaviour via the mechanisms of sexual selection.
Even the term “aposematism” is not known to many biologists. In my writings I try to bring the power and relevance of aposematic display to the attention of evolutionary scholars and ecological behaviourists.  

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