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The Beatles

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My fascination for the Beatles’ music started with the first recording that my brother Nukri and I heard in the 1960s. This fascination has stayed with me all my life, and in Australia I am known amongst my friends as the “Beatles Nut”.
I originally started learning English in order to understand what they were singing about (this knowledge proved very handy throughout my life), started playing a guitar in order to play their songs (as a result, I made many guitar arrangements of the Beatles songs, and have been teaching guitar for many years both privately and at a college), started making choral arrangements of the Beatles songs, and finally I have been organising sing-along parties about the Beatles, with 40-70 music-loving friends coming along and singing Beatles songs in vocal harmonies and doing a Beatles Quiz.

I also look at the rich legacy of the Beatles from my professional (musicological and ethnomusicological) point of view. In my book Who Asked the First Question there is a special chapter dedicated to the Beatles’ music. I have plans to do more research on this subject and possibly even write a book, despite fact that there are about 400 books already published about the Beatles.

      You can also hear me playing several Beatles songs on a guitar:

    Here you can hear my Melbourne University World Music Choir singing my arrangement of “Got My Mind Set on You.

The Beatles "And I Love Her" performed by Joseph Jordania
The Beatles "Here Comes the Sun" performed by Joseph Jordania
The Beatles "Yesterday" performed by Joseph Jordania
The Beatles "Michelle" performed by Joseph Jordania
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